Reporting for television news is a tough task. So, many times reporters also make mistakes. However, some of them can be avoided keeping the fundamentals in mind.

‘Oddity’ is one of the main aspects for picking up a news story. The following are some of the interesting-odd stories that got featured in different media sites. It highlights how news reporters are finding ways to wow their audience in an increasingly competitive world.

Smartphones are changing the way news stories are getting covered in media. Years back this may have sounded like a tall claim to make, not anymore. For media organisations which cannot afford high-end equipment, good mobile phones are proving to be a boon.

Media organisations are very particular that their credibility is not compromised. They use many tools and methods to ensure that the news they are publishing is factually correct. However, the first and foremost need is the ability to filter out the truth from all the information that is available.

One simple trick used by film makers and video producers can add a great value to your vlogs. The tip I am going to give you may sound counter-intuitive, but next time you vlog try it and I assure you that you would have changed your shooting style forever.