Story Formats

This lesson introduces the various formats used in daily news program

Even within a simple news program, many different formats of telling a story are used. The currently used formats in their pure forms are being discussed below. I am using the word pure here as many channels also mix and match the formats. When used properly such mix makes the stories more effective.

Anchor Reads:
In this format, the story is simply read out by the anchor without visuals. This is also called dry anchor. Since television is an audio visual medium, even an anchor read cannot be allowed to go without looking visually interesting. Hence channels add graphics or still pictures to enrich the Anchor Read. Some channels use the term STD GFX for Anchor Reads. STDstands for studio here (anchor in studio) and GFX for graphics.
 OOV (or Out of Vision)
The anchor reads these stories as well, but now moving visuals are pasted over it. This is also called the wet anchor. Since the effort is to get video footage as quickly as possible, channels may resort to using file footage to make the out of vision interesting. Instead of just writing file footage, it might be better to say on which date this particular footage was recorded or  mention the occassion on which these visuals were captured. Some channels use the term STD VO (VO here stands for visuals over)
The anchor read is followed immediately by a sound bite. SOT here stands for Sound on Tape.
 Face to Face Interview
Showing a complete one-to-one interview with both the anchor and the interviewer being shown is called face to face interview.  It can be done in a studio or on location.
  Phone in
The Reporter answers questions over the phone or files a report.
  Vsat or Sim Sat (or Vsat)
The anchor interviews the reporter generally live from a location using an outside broadcast (OB) van.
  Two Cam Field Reporting
The Reporter covers a war-ravaged or an earthquake-affected area. Two cameras follow him one captures the interviews that he takes, while the other one concentrates on the general shots of the area.
A pre-edited story which has the Reporter’s voice and visuals cut as per the script.