Top 5 Odd News

‘Oddity’ is one of the main aspects for picking up a news story. The following are some of the interesting-odd stories that got featured in different media sites. It highlights how news reporters are finding ways to wow their audience in an increasingly competitive world.

As always you can view the videos ranked in this article towards the end where the URLs have been given.

Story # 5: CNN – Reporter’s Cute Moment while reporting live

CNN’s Ben Wedeman has an adorable interruption while reporting live on protests in Beirut, Lebanon. While the reporter was reporting a serious political story, a young boy wanted to scare the reporter with a usual prank of saying ‘boo’. The boy managed, though the reporter quickly regained his composure to complete his report.

Story # 4: NDTV – 3-Year-Old Madhya Pradesh Boy Survives 35-Foot Fall Onto Rickshaw

The NDTV story has accessed CCTV footage of a 3-year-old child falling off a building and yet surviving because of falling on a tricycle rickshaw.

In India there is a common saying “Jhako Rake Saiyan Mar Sakhe Na koi” which means that God is out there to save someone, nobody can kill him. In this case, the timing of the rickshaw’s arrival proved that indeed god saved the child.

Story #3: CBC News – A bond forged by fire: Horse and owner recover after ‘hell came to town’

This story on CBC News starts by talking about a horse owner and his filly. The owner risked his life and suffered major burns during a wildfire in 2017 to save his filly. This wildfire was given the name Lilac Fire and killed many horses.

At the San Luis Rey Downs equestrian training centre in Bonsall, California thoday, there’s little evidence of the inferno. No fire scars on the land, no burn marks — except those etched on the skin of Joe Herrick and his filly, Lovely Finish says the reporter.

Story #2: Al Jazeera – Syrian female plumbers break taboos in Jordan

Al Jazeera’s story on female plumbers who fled Syria and came to Jordan is remarkable. They are not only supporting their family but have found a niche area to help the country’s residence.

Their plumbing efforts save gallons of water every year, an effort the country needs to help its residents desperately.

Story #1: BBC – Life against odds in Australia’s underground town

The top story today is about Coober Pedy which is a town in the centre of Australia’s opal mining industry. Now the town, where 60% of its residents live underground, is becoming a leader in sustainable living.

How did this Australian town move on from becoming just an opal mining town to a sustainable living one is a great story here. Well captured through nice visuals and storytelling skills.

URLs for the Videos

CNN’s Cute Moment with an youngster

NDTV’s story on 3-year-old survivor from building fall

CBC’s story on A bond forged by fire

Al Jazeera’s story on Syrian Female plumbers

BBC’s story on Australia’s Underground World