Five Common Mistakes by Television Reporters

Reporting for television news is a tough task. So, many times reporters also make mistakes. However, some of them can be avoided keeping the fundamentals in mind.

Mistake #5: News stories have to be boring as it is serious stuff. It is a myth that news channels will anyway get their audience as the viewers are interested in knowing what happened. In today’s day and time, every channel is competing for the same set of eyeballs. Satellite transmission has ensured that quality programmes are available for most viewers all over the world. So make your news programmes interesting as well.

Mistake #4: No need to follow video grammar, because the audience will understand our time constraints. Yes, the audience knows that you are trying to capture the news under the toughest conditions, but if your rival is able to get a better picture of the same event, they will switch to them. So don’t take it easy, video grammar helps you get a better picture.

Mistake #3: Speed is more important than being factually correct. In reality, no one will pardon you for getting any facts wrong. The correct information is more important than fast information. The biggest thing that any news channel can earn is credibility.

Mistake #2: Ethics are only for textbooks and journalism schools. Crossing the journalism ethics to get more TRP and rating will only help you in the short-term. In the long-term, the audience will not like you. They will question your right to be narrating and at times judging events.

Mistake #1: Showing your face is more important than showing the events. The world wants to know what is happening and see it as it unfolds. The celebrity news reporter is loved by his or her audience, but seeing the events are more important. Priority is to be given for visuals that tell the story.