YouTube Fulfilling the need for Micro-Regional Channels

The success of YouTube channels in regional languages has once again highlighted how programmes can become a major hit if they manage to cross the language barrier. Many of these regional channels are run by small teams which understand the taste of the locals and can quickly adapt to their needs. What generally start as a small operation soon gets millions of hits from not just the local viewers but also audience from all over the world.

Kerala a Success Story

This is especially true for Kerala, India which has many expats around the world. Young vloggers have been able to catch the imagination of people who are missing their motherland. Youtubers, as these entrepreneurs are called, find their niche soon and make a mark. Creating such videos is being looked at as a career choice at least among the new generation; the parents may not agree.

In Kerala, before 2018, only the major media organisations were getting subscribers in huge numbers. That year 17 smaller players some of them one or two member outfits managed to hit the million mark.

Million Subscribers Club

Some of the YouTube channels that made a name for themselves include Karikku, M4 Tech and Krishi Lokam. Karikku Channel brings out comedy videos, while M4 Tech as the name suggests is aimed at technology, the surprise one (at least for a city-bred like me) is Krishi Lokam which deals with agriculture. Karikku founded by Nikhil Prasad has over 3.4 million viewers, whereas M4 Tech by Geo Joseph and Praveen Joseph has over 2.8 million viewers.

No Glass Ceiling for Women

What’s interesting about these channels is that women have been able to do equally well. Krishi Lokam is run by Ms Annie Yujin, while Veena’s curry world which has also made the million mark is run by a woman.

Other Indian Languages

Many other regional Indian YouTube channels also have such a large number of followers. It’s not surprising that people prefer to be entertained in their local language on topics which they love. With this medium offering the possibility of creating content at a low cost, it is not surprising that so many YouTube channels have come up and that too on niche subjects.

More on the subject on my next blog post.