raviThe website aims to take a close look at some of the developments in Broadcast and Digital News media, focussing specially on Television News

 A. Ravi Shankar who used to be a television journalist and Producer of news and current affairs programmes, currently trains media professionals and post-graduate students. Covering stories of human interest has been his passion. He has travelled length and breadth of India covering issues that touch people from different walks of life. He is an MPhil in Journalism and Mass Communication and holds a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Cardiff, UK. Ravi has also produced Talk Shows, Breakfast Shows, News Bulletins and Directed Documentary films. Organisations he has worked include the BBC, CNBC, TV Today Network, Sahara, Eenadu TV and Eyewitness (Hindustan Times Television).

He has conducted numerous workshops for professionals on different aspects of Television and Media in India and abroad.  These include workshops for Indian Information Service officers at the Film & Television Institute of India in Pune, professionals of Myanmar’s television channel MRTV 4, FBC in Fiji and employees of Maldives Broadcasting Corporation. His website on teaching television journalism to beginners at www.tvjournalist.net has student followers from all over the world. 

Write to him at [email protected]