Smartphone Videos

Smartphones are changing the way news stories are getting covered in media. Years back this may have sounded like a tall claim to make, not anymore. For media organisations which cannot afford high-end equipment, good mobile phones are proving to be a boon.

Mobile the Handy OB Van

Outside broadcast vans help in live coverage. News channels cannot make do without them. However, they are costly and smaller channels cannot afford them. Meaning till a few years back, live coverage was possible only for the bigger channels. The mobile phone today has made it possible. You can go live from most parts of the world… the only requirement is a good smartphone.

Shooting with the Smartphone

The smartphone nowadays has powerful cameras. It would not be too off the target to say that smartphone companies are investing more on innovating the mobile phone cameras than any other aspect.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as the youngsters are hooked to taking selfies and shooting every small event. Pictures and videos are the biggest selling point for iPhones and Samsung Series of phones.

Editing with the Smartphone

The mobile phones not only shoot but can also edit the videos that have been shot, taking it closer to what the OB Vans achieved in the past. The software are powerful and can even do multi-layer editing. Meaning, one doesn’t need to sit in front of a computer at the studio to do the job.

The Final Frontier

Live broadcasting using the OB Van was probably the only thing the mobile phones till a few days back could not achieve effectively. Internet bandwidth was not good enough to do that. But with increasing speeds and powerful 4G connectivity, this aspect has also been achieved.

Audio the Rough Edge

Audio is the only worry as of now. Though one can attach an external microphone to a mobile phone, some aspects of what a good camera can do, as far as audio is concerned, is still not being achieved by this small monster called Smartphone.

Improved technologies will soon ensure that this can also be achieved.