Marketing through Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are a good way to soft sell your product.  There are two main advantages of doing that.  People start respecting your prowess, as you demonstrate how a particular operation is done.  A logo or website address in the video will immediately connects your audience to you. They now know how to reach you. If the video is about a product or a service (which has nothing to do with media), even poor quality video is acceptable.  In the same breath, I wish to add that a better produced instructional video will obviously be a better marketing material.  Let me emphasize this, if two people have similar products and both use video to market, the one with the better produced video will sell more.

At the end of this post I have embedded an instructional video.  After you have seen the video ask yourself one simple question, do you believe that the contractor shown here is an expert?  If your answer is yes, then you know that the video was able to do the marketing job. However, I wouldn’t call this video to be well made.  The person who put together the video should have used a few more close up shots to highlight, what has been achieved.  Further, messages through written text would have added value to it.

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