RayWilliamJohnson and Internet Videos

Videos on the Internet are able to say what they want and many times are very creative.  But sometimes, they also go overboard.  Hurting sensibilities or following ethics is something they are not really worried about. Interestingly, people love such videos as well.  Some of these videos have gone viral.  People like Ray William Johnson have become famous because they are able to say things which no television reporter or anchor can, on a channel. Some of the stuff they say can land a television channel in a defamation case.

So if you are one of those who has been planning to put your video online, your competition is against such videos as well. Can you come up with something more interesting or is it that you wish to follow their example?  Tristan Barker is another video blogger who has many followers. He is famous because he bullies anyone and everyone.  In his videos he doesn’t even spare victims of tragedies.  Despite this background, a particular television channel decided to interview him and showed some of his videos. In the process they themselves were showing videos which cannot be called ethical for a channel.

Of course, this does lead us to a very different question… Has repeated attacks on our sensibilities numbed us?  Are we no more concerned about ethics, propriety etc.

You can see one of the less offensive videos here for you to understand what I mean.