Will it blend? – Marketing video that went viral

Videos can be used effectively to market your products.  One such example is marketing videos by US based company making blenders, Blendtec.  These videos have been going viral consistently.   The anchor in these videos blends any new gadget such as an iPad, Nokia phone etc in their blender.  The question asked is, ‘will it blend’?

Looking closely at the videos you would find that it uses some of the interesting techniques used to catch the attention of the viewer.  Every gadget they use for blending becomes a case study.  The intrinsic message being, if the iPad can blend why not all the food articles that you use. The anchor or protagonist is not glamorous and is able to give a touch of humor, while his dress is more like that of a scientist.

The shock value, humor and portrayal of the power of the machine has ensured that these videos have worked well. This video has been able to establish Blendtec as a brand.


You can understand more such methodologies from the ebook, ‘Preparing for Primetime’.  See whether the iPad blends in the video below: