Blog to Video in 5 Steps

Blog to Vlog

‘As video production becomes economical and youtube becomes the channel of choice… you can aim to produce your own film.’
If you love blogging or write print articles, don’t just stagnate there, add one more feather to your cap – convert these into videos. The most important aspect about thinking video is to develop a visual sense. Learn to visualise what you write. Many believe that standing in front of the camera and talking is video, but that is just one part of it. The power of video gets enhanced if you can show, what you are talking about. So the following are my 5 quick tips to make this possible.

Step #1

Visualise what you are talking about. What pictures will highlight the point you are talking about in the blog or article. Close your eyes and think. The images will soon start floating in front of your eyes.

Step #2

Fix interviews with people mentioned in the article and get the quotes on video. If these people cannot be interviewed, use their quotes as written text in the video and attribute it to the respective people.

Step #3

For converting your blog to a video script do the following: Divide a page into right and left half. You may create a table for the purpose. In the right half, paste the article. Now read the blog aloud to check whether it is narration friendly. Change written language into spoken language. Simple, short sentences will do the trick. On the left side note down the visuals that will support the particular paragraph.

Step #4

Get out with your Handycam or mobile and film the shots required. Compose each shot like a still photo and record for 10 – 15 seconds. Do not make any camera movements (Zoom, pan etc).

Step #5

Use a basic user friendly tool available on all computers to edit the visuals. First record the narration, insert quotes where it is apt and edit-in the visuals. Add graphics provided by the software or you can even use a powerpoint slide converted into a jpeg. This can be uploaded to youtube or copied onto a CD.