Book- Preparing for Primetime

Preparing for Primetime‘, will give head start to people looking for a career in Television Journalism. It will also help people who wish to become Citizen Journalists.

Citizen journalists are taking videos worldwide every minute, most of them are at the right place at the right moment, but, there is more to proper story telling than just being there. ‘Preparing for Primetime‘ has been created as a hands on reference book to help such Citizen Journalists and Newbies on how to craft, package and market what you see for primetime. TV Journalism students and professionals beginning their careers in this field will gain immensely from the book.

Basics of Television Journalism Covered

The book covers various aspects of television journalism such as:

1) Organisational Structure of a News Channel
2) Finding right story ideas for news
3) Planning the coverage of a news item
4) Interviewing skills
5) Skills to direct Cameraman on location
6) Ideal method to capture visuals for news
7) Scripting, Narration and Editing

The language used in the book is simple and easy to understand. 

My First Book

From the Book
From the book

I conduct training in Television Journalism in India and different parts of the world. This is for the first time that I decided to put my skills in a book. I am sure the book ‘Preparing for Primetime’ will help everyone who wants to get into Broadcast Journalism.

The book is currently available at amazon as an eBook. You will need to search for:
‘Preparing for Primetime: How to craft a news story – Guidance for Beginners and Citizen Journalists’