Week’s top 5 videos

Every week we will look into some top videos, anchors, reporters, news reports or any specific aspect of news stories of the week. This week we take a look at some of the interesting videos available in news sites.

Top Story #5

At the fifth spot is the live coverage of a protest in India. Thousands were protesting in the streets of Wayanad, Kerala as supreme court sought permanent closure of part of National Highway 766 as it affects wildlife in Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The coverage was unique as the reporter hung on to a poll as he reported while protesters walked pass him. This report appeared in Manorama News a regional Indian News channel.

This report can be seen here

Top Story #4

The next is a story that appears in video and texts in Fox News about how a nuclear war between India and Pakistan would place the entire planet in jeopardy by unleashing a “climate catastrophe,” This is according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Using less visuals and interesting text it warns of a danger that a nuclear war will be a death knell for everyone in the world… it doesn’t matter in which part he are she is.

Click here to see the story

Top Story #3

At the next spot is a story that appears on CNN. This story about a 9-year-old who won a marathon by accident works for me as the video is created using many still pictures and amateur video in part along with texts. Yet, the story remains interesting and powerful. He was supposed to be running a 5K race and instead ended up winning the 10K one.

Click here to see the story

Top Story #2

The next is a story from BBC, about a tea-garden in Assam. This garden is certified as the world’s first elephant friendly tea-garden.

The close-up shots and narration by the protagonist works well for this feature. Creative coverage is in play here.

Click here to see the story

Top Story #1

The top spot is taken by an Al-Jazeera video about Base jumping in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As you watch this video, you can feel the adrenaline rush that the participants face. They jump from the 300 metre tall KL Tower and are expected to open their parachutes quickly at the right time. There won’t be a second chance!

Video Courtesy: Al Jazeera, Youtube Channel