Video Tutorial on How to Promote your eBook

Youtube is now proving to be a rich source for learning. If you wish to learn or know more about a subject just search for it.  There would be a few experts available on most subjects.  Of course you will need to learn to filter the good ones out of them.  After my new eBook, it is no surprise that I wanted to learn how to promote my book. Searched youtube and there were a few tutorials on the subject.  I saw one of them for its entire duration and was very happy and satisfied with what was taught.  When you look at the video (which is embedded below), you would find that production wise not too much effort has been put into it.  TV production students would have easily punched many holes into the production quality.  But I believe, when a film does the job it is intended to do, it is a success. Hence, I have decided to highlight the positives of the film.

The film kept my interest for the full 26 minutes, because I wanted to know about the subject.  It explained to me, the aspect I wanted to learn about. The average production quality did not matter to me. In fact, there were some hesitations during the narration, which sounded natural to me.  In short the film worked for me.

Just in case the producer of the video were to come and see my blog these would have been some of the suggestions to improve the film.

– He could have started by introducing himself in front of a video camera (instead of the still image we saw of him)

– He could have managed using simple MS power point to make the graphics instead of the hand written ones.

– If the style was supposed to show everything as handwritten, he could have gone for a bit more symmetric hand writing.

Having said all this, I would add that, the video worked brilliantly for me. The tutorial conveyed the points it was supposed to make.

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