Blackfish – Documentary that is making waves

Trainers getting killed by whale performing in a theme park has always created reactions, but nothing like the case of 2010 victim Dawn Brancheau.  This is thanks to the documentary Blackfish which revolves around Tilikum the killer whale which killed the trainer.

The documentary directed by  Gabriela Cowperthwaite questions the way these mammals are treated and whether the killing is a reaction to that treatment.

In sharp contrast to the publicity a documentary gets, Blackfish has been able to create a ripple. This is thanks to SeaWorld the theme park in Orlando USA, reacting strongly to the documentary. It’s efforts to control the bad PR may have got it further into the mess.  This, probably became worse when CNN decided to premiere it on Thursday, October 24, 2013. It became SeaWord vs CNN.

The documentary about the Orca questions the treatment of Killer whales such as Tilikum in captivity.  Director Cowperthwaite has uncovered history of Orcas in captivity and how their behavior has been tempered by this.  Tilikum itself has been involved in attacks on humans before this particular killing in which the whale grabbed the arms of the trainer Brancheau who was standing outside the pool with a few visitors.

CNN audience poll later showed that many visitors may not wish to visit theme parks such as SeaWorld with their kids. That of course is the power of a good documentary and a subjected treated emotionally.

You can view trailer of the film here: