Top Five Videos and Stories aimed at Busting Myths

Most of us accept many myths to be valid until they are proved wrong scientifically, and when we get an opportunity to take a look at such efforts. This week I found a few videos and one non-video story that effectively busted a few myths.

Myth Buster #5:

Older technologies are energy inefficient is a general belief. However, some age-old methods can not only be effective but also save energy. A CNN story on an architect, Monish Siripurapu shows how an ancient technique to keep water cold can now be used to cool your room. The story titled – ‘India has a looming air-con headache. Does antiquity hold the solution?‘ effectively busts the myth about the inefficiency of energy usage by older technologies. 

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Myth Buster #4:

This story from ABC is one of my favourites as it not only busts a myth but also has a social message as well. It disproves, the now known, myth that vaping is safe. This piece is not a video but a relatively easy read with illustrations. 

Myth Buster #3:

At number three is the trailer of a Bollywood movie based on a real acid attack victim which has gone viral. The movie Chhapaak’s trailer going viral is in some way an indicator of the reception the film itself will receive. You may wonder, why a trailer here, especially on a blog post talking about myths. The flick breaks out of the formula films mode and is poised to do well. You may wish to switch on English titles for this one as it is a Hindi flick. 

Myth Buster #2:

This is an Al Jazeera documentary which profiles a person who is not only trying to pursue credible journalism in the social media / digital platform but is also not cowing down under pressure. Further, it is a woman at the helm of this organisation who is facing the pressure bravely. It breaks, in my opinion, few myths on social media and credible journalism as well as on women journalists. The Al Jazeera documentary is titled: Maria Ressa: war on truth.

Myth Buster #1:

The top myth buster video is titled – Is ‘happy ever after’ just a myth? The BBC video says, ‘The traditional idea of what makes us happy – money, marriage and kids – is a misleading fantasy, says scientist and author Paul Dolan’. As you hear Paul Dolan, I am sure you would agree with the logical reasoning by the professor. 

 Links to the videos and story:

Myth Buster #5: CNN on Air Con –

Myth Buster #4: ABC on Vaping –

Myth Buster #3: Only formula films will do well in Bollywood is busted by Chhapaak –

Myth Buster #2: Al Jazeera Documentary – Maria Ressa: war on truth

Myth Buster #1: