Top Six Advantages of Smartphone Cameras for News Coverage

Many media organisations are equipping their journalists with powerful smartphones. The possibility of capturing the event as it unfolds is higher when you are using the smartphone camera. However, if your organisation scoffs at the idea of covering news with mobile phones, the following reasons can help in changing their mind.

Advantage #6: Live Broadcasting

Using YouTube or Facebook one could do live broadcasting of any event. Now, if you wish to get it broadcast through your organisation’s Facebook page or Website… other software such as Skype may be required. At any rate, one can quickly broadcast live without an OB Van. A drop in quality is to be expected but in News, many times, speed is the key and smartphones can do the job well.

Advantage #5: Video Editing

Powerful and easy to use editing software at a reasonable price are available for smartphones. For simple news coverage, these editing software are good enough. The small size of the screen is a bit of a drawback while editing, but then, for a short news story, this is still a doable proposition.

Advantage #4: Video Stabilisation

Till a few years back, the electronic stabilisation offered in amateur cameras was considered to be a no-no by professionals. Cameramen used to feel that using this system diminishes their professional stature. With this facility now being made available in professional cameras, stabilisation is acceptable among the cameramen as well. Just ensure that your smartphone has the right camera app giving you the option to stabilise videos.

Advantage #3: Transferring Visuals

With high-speed internet connectivity and the ability to compress video files without losing clarity, sending the visuals to the studio has become a much easier task. No wonder, even organisations such as the BBC use mobile phones for news coverage.

Advantage #2: Powerful Cameras

Now, Full HD cameras are available in most smartphones. The mobiles phones are now creating a dent into the video camera market. Sporting multiple lenses, these phones can easily zoom or adjust to poor light conditions. Further, the captured video can be further enhanced using other apps.

Advantage #1: Portability

The smartphone is available with you 24/7, always charged and with enough media space to cover any news fall. Reasonable audio with the scope to enhance it using a simple microphone bundled onto the headphone is the other advantage of this portable device.

What else can one ask for in terms of an equipment for news coverage? But there are a few drawbacks. Wait for my next blog to know more.