Vlog like a pro

One simple trick used by film makers and video producers can add a great value to your vlogs. The tip I am going to give you may sound counter-intuitive, but next time you vlog try it and I assure you that you would have changed your shooting style forever.


Well, the intro may have made you believe that the trick is probably going to be revealed only towards the end of the write-up, but I am not here to disappoint you. Here it comes:

The trick: Avoid too much of camera movements. Try to stick to the block shot 

That may not sound like too much of a trick till you actually try it. However, I just introduced a jargon here and I am committed to explain it.

The Block Shot

So what exactly is the block shot. Frame the shot as though it is a still photograph you are planning. Once framed, let the action happen within that frame and record for 3 to 6 seconds. If you plan this to be an edited piece, this duration can be up to 10 seconds duration. Even if your subject moves out of the frame, do not follow. Yes, do not follow! Continue for a second before moving to the next frame, which could even be your own face. Once again aim to shoot a block shot. In short, the entire vlog should consist of block shots only.

Avoid camera movements

Avoid Pans, Tilts, Zoom in, Zoom out etc . These are shots that amateurs use often. Professionals use it only if there is a need and your video demands it.

Free Lessons

This website has many free lessons for amateurs to improve their video quality. These are available as drop down menus in this page.

Adapt those free lessons to make your vlogs more professional. I do not have to tell you that professionally produced videos will get more traction than poorly produced ones.

All the best with your Vlogs!