Citizen Journalist’s take on Beijing Street Fashion

News channels mainly concentrate on negative news, but Citizen Journalism and the Internet is showing that interesting videos can sell equally well.  The video here is one such example. Called ‘Intersection Beijing: New Style in Old Beijing’ by Jonah Kessel, the feature shows you the styles followed in China’s capital by the young.

The 3 minute feature is slightly long for the relatively little information that it carries, but the way it has been shot and edited – it sustains interest.  You would find that there is no narration here, however, the story is well covered by the powerful visuals.

A special mention has to be made about the editing and shooting style.  Interviews have been shot in long shot with interesting backgrounds.  This is very different from news style but goes well with the film.  Fashion accessories have been well-covered with close-ups.  To highlight these accessories, split screen has been utilized.  All in all an interesting video worth watching.