Smart Banksy’s Video Trick

Selling your original paintings worth six figures for just $60 may sound to be a very stupid thing to do. But capturing the sale on video to make it go viral has not only made Banksy even more famous but has also got him good money. Since only a few paintings were sold, he didn’t make a huge loss on that sale either.


For those who haven’t heard of him… Banksy is a street artist.  He is very famous but nobody knows who he actually is.  He remains anonymous!  His true to life paintings on street walls are interesting, beautiful and at times satirical. With his trademark paintings appearing in different parts of UK and US, he has developed many fans.  So much so, that his paintings fetch huge amounts in auctions. Currently he is visiting New York and some of his street paintings have already thrilled the people there.  You can see some of his work on CNN report available at:


He put some of his paintings on a rock bottom $60 dollar sale.  Most people would have thought these are fake and chose not to buy them. He captured the sale on Camera. Not surprisingly, this video has gone viral.  I wouldn’t say it is exceptional in quality but the content, more than the style matters here. Through this video Banksy has made more fans and the money earned by the viral video is a bonus.  Have a look at the video: